Karkataka Chikitsa

By Vedamarogya

On December 18, 2019
Karkataka Chikitsa

Karkataka chikitsa merely known as Monsoon treatments, have supreme importance as the monsoon, affects each of the doshas in the body in a different way. It’s immensely said that rain falling into the hot summer earth increases acidity in all food materials and vegetables. Hence to realign these accumulated doshas during the monsoon and to maintain a healthy constitution, Vedamarogya has designed a package of Karkataka Chikitsa to have clinical, mental and physical benefits by its own way.
Rogastu dosha vaishamyam
Doshasamyam arogatham..

Rainy Season (Varsha Rtu)
The rainy season makes everyone suffer from many health problems due to increased toxins in the body. The traditional Ayurvedic treatments done in monsoon season to maintain one’s health at its best is called Karkataka Chikitsa (Monsoon Treatments). The vata dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the three doshas, and imbalance of these three will lead to disease.) which is accumulated in summer (Gresham rtu) will aggravate by the rain and cold; breaks out into disease, causing all painful conditions to aggravate. When the rain falls into the hot summer, earth increases the Amlata (acidity) in all food material, water, vegetables etc… This aggravates pitta dosha, causing fever, digestive problems and then the contaminated water and food with cold climate aggravates Kapha dosha causing cold, cough, allergy, skin diseases. To prevent these, Ayurveda advice the course of Ayurveda therapy called Karkataka Chikitsa.

Ayurveda’s Magic – Karkataka Chikitsa
In monsoon, all the three doshas get aggravates. To expel these accumulated doshas during monsoon and to maintain a healthy constitution Ayurveda advocates Karkataka chikitsa to have an equilibrium of doshas and proper physical and psychological harmony. The Karnataka chikitsa includes various Ayurveda treatments that will help to eliminate the excess doshas from the body and advice specific diet to follow.

Karkataka chikitsa is especially effective in the prevention of diseases and increases immunity, rejuvenates body and extending the longevity of life. It helps to prevent the many other ailments arise in monsoon-like recurring fever, cold, joint pains, muscular pain, digestive problems etc….

Special Rice gruel (Karkataka Kanji /Oushadha Kanji)
This is a medicinal rice soup used during monsoon season. This has a special effect to prevent from monsoon fevers, increases digestive fire, clears channels, easy to digest, nourishes all the tissues. This should be consumed continuously for minimum of one week

Karkataka Chikitsa Package
The duration of Karkataka chikitsa* is 60mins daily for 14 days. The following are few treatments which are advised for Karkataka chikitsa.

Dhanyamla Dhara
Sarvanga Dhara
Abhyanga sweda
Najvara kizhi

Udhwarthana: The herbal powders which are rubbed against the body for a specific period will help to cleanse the channels, reduces excess fat, reduces Kapha dosha in the body, shapes up the body, tones muscles.

Dhanyamala Dhara: Medicated vinegar made from the dhanyas (pulses & cereals) will be poured in a specific manner all over the body for a specific duration. This will help to pacify vatadosha, improves tissue level metabolism.

Patrapinda Sweda: A technique in which a heated cloth bag containing herbal leaves are softly punched all over the body. This will help the body to lubricate and sweat simultaneously clearing channels, expels toxins through sweat, helps to pacify both Vata and Kapha doshas. It’s effective for various kinds of arthritis, spondylitis, back pain, sports injuries and other soft tissue inflammation especially joint pains.

Shirodhara: Stream of warm medicated oil/decoction/milk poured on the forehead in an oscillating manner. This will help to balance the manasika (mind) doshas like raja and tama. Relaxes mind, improves the quality of sleep, memory and concentration.

Sarvanga Ksheera Dhara: Medicated milk will be poured all over the body in a specific manner. This will help to nourish all the tissues of the body, pacifies all the doshas, improves skin complexion, rejuvenates, revitalises energises the body.

Vasti: Medicated enema treatment which helps to reduce the vata.

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